Seamless Payouts to Vietnam with Neutronpay

Chuc Anh Dao
5 June 2023
2 min read

Canada and U.S. businesses can now send payouts to Vietnam instantly with only a 1% fee by using Neutronpay. Explore the untapped potential of Vietnam's booming economy with Neutronpay, your go-to solution for instant cross-border payments. As Canada and U.S. commerce and trade companies seek fresh opportunities, Vietnam offers a promising landscape, marked by growth and innovation.

Neutronpay: Modern Payment Solution

Move past outdated methods like SWIFT or Wire. Instead, harness the power of Neutronpay's Lightning Network technology. Our innovative approach uses the Lightning Network to deliver better, faster payment solutions, enabling businesses to enjoy competitive fees of just 1% and ensuring seamless payouts to Vietnam.

Lightning Network: Cost-Effective and Instant

With Neutronpay, instant payments become as seamless as instant messaging. The cutting-edge Lightning Network technology redefines cross-border transactions, making them more affordable and quicker.

Neutronpay utilises the Lightning Network, a second-layer technology built on top of the blockchain, to facilitate instant cross-border transactions. Unlike traditional methods that require complex processing and multiple intermediaries, the Lightning Network streamlines the process, reducing both time and cost.

Neutronpay's system efficiently handles the conversion from CAD/USD to VND, taking advantage of favourable exchange rates and minimal conversion fees.

By avoiding the traditional banking system's complexities and inefficiencies, Neutronpay offers transaction fees as low as 1%, compared to the typical 3-5% in traditional methods.

Embrace the Future with Neutronpay

Join Neutronpay's journey in unlocking Vietnam's market potential. Financial solutions for commerce and trade companies have never been this accessible. Get started with us today!

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