Fast & Secure Instant Payments

Accept & Payout globally


Allow your customers to pay at lightning speeds

You can easily get setup and receive bitcoin and stablecoin payments within minutes. You can integrate via API or we have a number of supported plugins with popular ecommerce platforms. Sign up for an account and start accepting today.

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Pay the world on Lightning

Why make your payees wait days to receive payments using the traditional banking rails. Whether it be for one-off payments or mass payouts, provide the fastest growing instant payout experience the world is starting to embrace.

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Designed for developers

Powerful, robust, and easy to use APIs

Our API is built to allow for a quick and seamless setup. In no time you'll be accepting payments and sending payouts worldwide all via the Lightning Network.

"Not ready for APIs? Neutronpay's branded pay portal had us accepting and sending payments in minutes"

Review recent payments within minutes of logging into your account. Information you need at a quick glance, pull up any transaction to view its details.


In depth review of all transactions from daily to yearly. Charts to provide a measurement of your payment volumes and projected growth. Categorize Bitcoin and Stablecoins for easier reconciling.


A "Point of Sale" in your pocket. On the go and need to record a quick sale for goods or services? Pull up the "Go Invoice" in your account on any mobile device so you can process and track the sale anywhere you are.