Neutronpay Brings Lightning Speed to Malaysia

Chuc Anh Dao

As the digital financial landscape is evolving, Neutronpay’s proud to be among the pioneering companies that are "Lightning the way forward", offering faster and superior payment solutions. We're excited to announce that: Canadian and US businesses can now easily tap into Malaysia's market. Integrate with Neutronpay's API or use our web portal for fast, cost-effective financial solutions!

Revolutionising International Payments

The challenges of cross-border payments have historically revolved around delays and exorbitant fees. But with Neutronpay’s Lightning infrastructure, that story is changing. We’re harnessing the Speed of Light to provide instant transactions, completely transforming the realm of international money transfers. No more prolonged waits, just instant transactions.

More Than Just Speed

While our commitment to speed is unwavering, Neutronpay’s true distinction lies in our dedication to seamless, simple, and secure transactions. Our platform ensures businesses can execute cross-border payments with competitive fees, making international financial engagements simpler and more affordable.

Strengthening Trade Ties

Malaysia has consistently emerged as a linchpin in Canada’s trade ecosystem within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. The 17% surge in bilateral trade in 2022, amounting to $5.7 billion, stands as a testament to their vibrant relationship. With Neutronpay at the forefront as the gateway to SEA & Asia, the horizon for growth and collaboration looks promising.


The Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement has further solidified the robust commercial exchanges between Malaysia and Canada. With Neutronpay's innovative approach to money transfers, North American businesses have a streamlined avenue to delve into the Malaysian market, reaping the advantages of faster, superior, and more cost efficient financial solutions.

Join the movement with us, as we continually strive to redefine global payments, embodying the essence of "Lightning the way forward" with top-tier Lightning Payments solutions.

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