Neutronpay App Expands Reach with Cutting-Edge Payment Technology: Empowering Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines


We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Neutronpay app to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines! With this expansion, both businesses and individuals in these vibrant economies can now leverage the power of the Lightning Network for near-instant, low-cost global payments.

Embracing Southeast Asia's Dynamic Potential
The economies of Southeast Asia are characterized by their youthful demographics, open markets, and rapidly growing tech sectors. Leading this charge, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia boast diverse industries ripe for growth. Neutronpay is ideally positioned to support this expansion, providing the swift, affordable, and borderless payment solutions essential for the region's businesses and consumers.

Addressing Regional Payment Challenges
Neutronpay’s deployment of the Lightning Network upgrades digital transactions across Southeast Asia. Our latest expansion enhances financial connectivity between Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even as far afield as Canada, as well as the broader Lightning Network which now 350 million users have access to. Neutronpay app addresses critical regional challenges by:

  • Add a new payment method for businesses and individuals - Bitcoin and Lightning - but still receive transactions in their local currency.
  • Empowering small businesses and freelancers to pursue international growth with low-cost, near-instant payments.
  • Streamlining cross-border transactions to fuel the e-commerce sector.
  • Reducing costs and delays for overseas workers remitting earnings home.
  • Facilitating seamless payments for international travelers, simplifying their transactions as they enjoy the wonders of Southeast Asia.

Neutronpay App Features:

  • Send Cash: Experience the speed of lightning with almost instantaneous transfers, directly to bank accounts worldwide.
  • Business Efficiency: Businesses can send and receive payments internationally with ease, expanding reach without traditional payment rails' slowness.
  • POS Mode for Merchants: Catering to both local and international customers becomes effortless with Neutronpay's POS mode, which simplifies transactions for a seamless retail experience.
  • Content Creators’ Hub: Streamers and content creators can embrace LNURL, a static Lightning QR code, connecting with their global audience and receiving payments effortlessly.
  • Remote Work Revolution: Freelancers and remote workers get paid for their work anywhere in the world, instantly and with minimal fees, ensuring their hard work is rewarded without delay or high transaction costs.
  • Daily Convenience: The app makes daily financial tasks like paying bills, splitting expenses with friends, or shopping online simple for all users.

Bitcoin Beyond Assets: A World of Value
Neutronpay heralds a new era where Bitcoin is more than an asset; it's a versatile, value-driven medium within the digital world. By enabling users to do more with Bitcoin, whether receiving or paying with it, Neutronpay facilitates a comprehensive experience of spending, earning, and growing value within the thriving Bitcoin economy.

Empowering the People's Economy with Neutronpay
At Neutronpay, we are committed to building a people-powered economy, where access to the Lightning Network opens up new possibilities for everyone. The Neutronpay app is not just a tool—it is your gateway to the digital economy, ensuring that no matter where you are in Southeast Asia, the power to manage global payments is at your fingertips.

Download Neutronpay app now on the App Store and Google Play.

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