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Use cases


Are you running an online business? If yes, that's perfect.

We make it easier than ever for you to accept instant payments for your goods and services from anywhere accross the world. Integrate via API or simply take a few minutes to plug-in a simple payment module into your existing platform. We’ve integrated with the most used shopping cart plugins to enable your business to go further than it ever has.


In-Person Commerce

Brick and mortar businesses are still an integral part of our economy. Allow customers to pay with the newest forms of currency. If you're a small business, our Go-Invoice feature is perfect for you. It makes it simple for you to generate invoices in a flash. Create an invoice in seconds for on-the-spot payments.

Use cases
Use cases

E-Sports Gaming

Your platform will be filled with excitement and engagement by connecting the players and fans together by giving fans and viewers more ways to show their love to the players they support!



Neutronpay is happy to help non-profit organizations engage a more diverse global audience. Crypto donations have become the fastest form of non-profit donations. Don't miss out on extra fund raising opportunities by not having the latest payment methods. In addition, charitable organizations can easily track the donator's transfer history and generate an invoice for tax purposes.

Use cases
Use cases

Real Estate

The crypto community has made a lot of money in the last few years and they want to spend it. Make it easy for new buyers to buy the property of their dreams. Let us handle the pricing of the property in crypto and open up your sales funnel for all the new opportunities.


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