First Bitcoin Lightning payment in Vietnam!
November 19, 2019

Lightning Wallet Recommendations

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is still quite new, and for users to use it, it’s a bit confusing. The off-chain structure and the channel creation before being able to conduct transactions is a steep learning curve.

Luckily there are wallets today working on simplifying this process, handling all the complexity in the background and out of sight. This allows users to start using the Lightning Network right after downloading from either the Apple IOS or Android Playstore on their mobile.

These are the wallets we recommend using to make purchases with Lightning.

Ready for use once downloaded & setup

Breez wallet
Blue wallet
Lightning Labs Wallet

For the more savvy technical power users (for more control)

Eclair wallet

Important & friendly reminder!

Keep your mnemonic seed in a safe place when setting up your wallet.