You run the business, We'll handle the payments

We offer you more payment options, Bitcoin, Lightning and Stablecoins to diversify your payment methods and open up a world of possibilities to engage a true global market.

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Instant Settlement

Experience Bitcoin and Stablecoin payments in real-time and enjoy the low fees.


Discover a completely new suite of payment options and monetize all transactions simply and seamlessly.

Quick Invoice

On the go? Need to accept on-the-spot payment. Neutronpay is ready to support
you by generating an invoice quickly anytime, anywhere.

Smart Governance

Everything you need is right at your fingertips! From invoices, transactions, withdrawals and more. You can handle the legwork manually within your dashboard at your convenience.



Cost-free Withdrawals

You don't have to wait days for a bank transfer with daily scheduled
Bitcoin, Lightning and Stablecoin withdrawals, or manual withdrawals over the blockchain network.

Instant Conversion

Automatically or manually convert Bitcoin to your native currency and directly receive your funds via EFT/ACH or wire transfer.