Offer more payment options

Expand your payment selections to include Bitcoin and Lightning.
Open up a world of possibilities with NeutronPay to engage a global market.

Base features

Instant settlement

Get paid in real time and enjoy the low fees.

Micro transactions

Discover a completely new suite of payment options and monetize your transactions in the process.

Quick invoice

Generate an invoice anytime, anywhere. Even if you’re on the go and need to accept an on-the-spot payment, NeutronPay allows you to create a quick invoice on your mobile device.



Plugins for the most used e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento and Opencart.


Customize your payment checkout with our APIs.

Supported currencies

CAD, USD & VND. More on the way!


Scheduled daily on-chain bitcoin withdrawals or manually withdraw over the Lightning Network for free.

Don't wait days for a bank transfer, with on-chain withdrawals are settled daily.


The power of bitcoin's new payment protocol. Almost zero fee's and instant transfers same day.

Exchange to your choice of currency

Exchange support, CAD directly to your bank account.

Know you are secure

No chargebacks

Eliminate disputes, holds, and battling with your processor to claim your funds.

2 factor authenication

Following industry standard security practices and 2FA, know your account and funds are always protected.

24/7 Monitoring

We research and employ the most up-to-date bitcoin protocol developments to ensure every sale is secure.

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