1How do I get started?

Sign up to activate your account and get started within minutes with these simple steps below.

Download the Neutronpay plugin from WordPress to your desktop/laptop.
In your Woocommerce site, go to plugins and add/upload the plugin from your desktop/laptop and enable.
Go to your Neutronpay account, go to settings and select API and generate an API key – copy this key.
Go to Woocommerce settings and go to payments. There you will find the Neutronpay plugin, go to modify settings and enter in the API key you copied, and click save. That’s it!

2What kinds of support does Neutronpay offer?
We aim to support and answer all questions/issues within a 24 hour business day.
3Are volume discounts available?
Yes! Send us an email about the volume you are experiencing and we can discuss the options we have.
4How do refunds work?
Funds are in your possession once a transaction is complete. You can issue the refund amount from the withdrawal section to the clients wallet address. If you would like us to help with the refund, we can help.
5Integer lorem non enim fringilla orci?
Yes! We apply industry standard best practices in securing the platform with monitoring 24/7 of specious account activity, funds and transactions. We take security very seriously and have steps to ensure your account is secure.
6How many days until I see Bitcoin payments in my dashboard?
Funds appear in your account, once a transaction is complete.
7Can I create invoices from my smartphone?
Yes. Neutronpay is a browser friendly application, meaning any laptop or mobile device with a web browser can access the platform.
8How long does it take to setup Neutronpay?
You can be setup within a few minutes, 10 mins to 15 mins. Please refer to the “How do I get started?” in the FAQ.
9Can I use neutron pay for my brick and mortar store or office?
Yes. You can use the quick invoice feature for any in person transactions.
10Do I need to submit any identification such as passports and government issued ID to use Neutron Pay?
No, but we review all new and existing businesses on the platform every month to ensure we are in compliance with the businesses we can serve.
11I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
You can use the I “forgot my password” link found on the sign in page.
12What is 2-factor authentication? What happens if I lose my phone?
2 factor authentication is another security layer to verify who you are. It is a 6 digit code that changes every minute – you will need to use Google authenticator or Authy from the Google playstore or Apple app store to scan the QR to provide you with the 6 digit code for your account. There is a backup code you can download for backup. We can also help with your account by answering some security questions.