Neutronpay & Partnership Transforms Lives of Filipinos Abroad


Neutronpay and have united a partnership to transform the lives of Filipinos in Canada and Vietnam. By harnessing the power of the Lightning Network, these two innovative companies enable simple, efficient cross-border remittances, ensuring Filipinos can send their hard-earned money home with confidence.

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"This is a long overude partnership between Neutronpay and Pouch, and I am very excited and pleased to share we now have the ability for the Filipino community in Canada and Vietnam to remit home faster, better, and cheaper than traditional banking rails. With the Lightning network, families can now send more of their hard earned money home instantly to the Philippines rather then losing a large portion to high fee's with regular banking methods today. - Founder & CEO Albert Buu"

This partnership is an emotional lifeline for over 1 million Filipinos living across Canada and Vietnam. The Lightning Network not only accelerates transactions but also significantly reduces transfer costs, allowing a greater portion of the hard-earned money to reach their families back home.

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"For the longest time, overseas Filipinos had limited options when it came to sending money back home, relying mainly on traditional banks and money transfer agents that could be both inconvenient and costly. Working with Neutronpay is consistent with our endeavor to empower OFWs to easily send money to their families and loved ones," said Ethan Rose, CEO of Pouch.

The Lightning Network revolutionizes the remittance landscape, ushering in a new era of hope and empowerment for Filipinos abroad. It transcends the limitations of traditional money transfers, offering a faster, more cost-effective, and reliable solution that strengthens the emotional bond between families separated by distance.

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