We believe that passion and ambition should not be constrained by the limitations of technology

About us

We set out to capitalize on the capabilities of modern technology to provide a new way to access markets all over the world.
Neutronpay was founded on the idea that anyone with the ambition and ability to offer a product or service should be able to engage with the global market with a simple internet connection. And with the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, businesses have a faster, safer way to accept payments than ever before.

Our vision

We created this platform to provide the ability to accept and process online payments in real-time, on a safe, secure and user-friendly platform. It’s a simple plugin that anyone can use, but it opens up a whole world of new possibilities as you seek to reach completely untapped markets.
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made it possible for people to connect on a global level, but it’s still not yet an easily accessible mode of payment. Neutronpay serves to bridge that gap and provide a streamlined way to navigate online payments.